Download AA+ Testing Solution - Radiologist Application for

Android Phones

Version 1.0.0

AA+ Testing Solution – Radiologist Application is a platform that allows Radiologists / Medical experts to connect with ESDS by registering their details. Once registration request is received by ESDS, our experts will contact you for verification and sign an Agreement.

Post agreement is signed in, request will be Approved from the backend, and on the application, user will start receiving requests attached with Chest X-ray's for Lung Testing.

Benefits to Radiologist / Medical Professionals -

In near future, radiologists will be able to earn rewards based on the number of test requests closed by them with assistance of our AI Based Solution.

We at ESDS help healthcare and other sectors with the cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to solve the enormous problems faced in the industry. With the help of the experts in the medical field, we have developed an Artificial Intelligence solution to identify the Lung diseases in patients. Our Deep Learning and advanced AI-driven platform uses the conventional x-ray platform that helps to identify corona infection from chest x-ray within 5 minutes. With the help of the available samples, we can meet the accuracy level of 100%. However, we believe that our technology would stand at least accuracy of 96%. As we get more samples of the patient over a period of time, the efficiency of platform will increase to 99.50% -100% permanently. With this Mobile Application, we plan to assist the medical experts by leveraging our Technology to predict the suspected cases and provide their analysis to the Users in a secured & private manner.