X-Ray Risk is intended to provide educational information about the increased risk of Lung infection testing based on medical imaging, not to provide medical advice. It is important to remember that averages do not predict what is going to happen to you, but the report provides this information to ensure patients and physicians are properly informed when weighing the pros and cons of medical imaging. X-Ray Risk does not take the place of regular medical check-ups. If you have any concerns about your health, talk to a doctor. Do not disregard or delay seeking medical advice because of something you read on this report. Do not use the content to make a diagnosis, treat a health problem or replace a doctor's judgment.
IMPORTANT: A NORMAL/ABNORMAL report do not mean one is fully fit and fine and do not have a chance to develop a problem after the screening. Clinical correlation needed in case of other symptoms’/illness.

"All information/facilities provided through the AI Tool (directly/indirectly/otherwise) is for general information purposes and is not intended or targeted or implied to be used to make conclusive decisions on any particular medical treatment/solution or to make a diagnosis of a medical problem/illness/decease of whatsoever nature. No information provided is intended or implied or otherwise targeted to replace/substitute/otherwise opt out of a professional medical consultation with a qualified physician/any other expert in the field of medicines. ESDS does not practice medicine/does not claim to be an expert in the medical field in any manner whatsoever, nor does it provide medical advice/otherwise indulge in any activities related to medical field. The subject is advised to discuss its individual medical symptoms with an expert physician or other qualified healthcare professional/s as the subject deems fit under the circumstances and discretion before deciding or otherwise concluding on utilization/consumption/otherwise opting for this tool or any medicine/s. All information displayed herein or otherwise available through this facilitative platform or any other source, direct or indirect, requires an independent and careful review/assertion with your own doctor/medical professional before you opt or otherwise act upon it in any manner whatsoever. While this particular tool attempts to provide information, which may/may not be relevant to you, no guarantees/claims or otherwise any assurances are made by us that the information is complete/comprehensive/perfect or otherwise an outcome of any research or study.

Please note that all findings of the report/s, including advice/s, if any, suggestion/s, and/or recommendation/s have not been generated as part of any professional medical evaluation, however there is an element of use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology independently. No patient has been examined prior to making these statements. Opting or otherwise taking into consideration or acting upon this is entirely at your sole discretion and judgment and we shall not be liable for any liability arising out of any assumptions or opinions or beliefs opted and acted upon in this regard by the subject in any manner whatsoever."