To provide the easy, affordable, scalable and rapid testing solution for individual and the health care entities.

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About Us

We at ESDS help healthcare and other sectors with the cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to solve the enormous problems faced in the industry.

With the help of the experts in the medical field, and in partnership with AA HealthTech we have developed a Artificial Intelligence solution to identify the patients with disease in lungs. Our Deep Learning and advanced AI-driven platform uses the conventional x-ray platform that helps to identify corona infection from chest x-ray within 5 minutes. With the help of the available samples, we can meet the accuracy level of 100%. However, we believe that our technology would stand at least accuracy of 96%. As we get more samples of the patient over a period of time, the efficiency of platform will increase to 99.50% -100% permanently.

Advantages over the current process

There are many advantages of adopting the technology solution over the conventional testing kits. Here are the few important advantages over the conventional method

ico reduce Time

Reduced Testing Time

Estimated time for test of one patient is less than 5 minutes. With bulk testing the time reduces even further. All that is required is a basic x-ray and computer systems to implement this solution anytime, anywhere.

ico affordable


This solution is very affordable and it would drastically lower the cost (Incl x-ray cost) compared to the current testing process.


Contactless Testing

Health professionals do not need to physically contact the patient for the testing and the test result can be forwarded via Email/SMS to the patient or family member.


Rapid Testing

This can be implementable anytime, anywhere having basic x-ray and computer systems. Hence this solution will help in rapid testing, resulting in control of the spreading of virus.


Multi-layer Testing

This technology can be easily used for the multi-layer testing like during the treatment or before dispatch.



It is easily scalable and Implementable across the country as this method requires only an x-ray and our online software. Therefore this solution can be made available immaterial of the geography and will dramatically increase the testing rate.

How to Use

Simple 3 step contactless process that anyone can use.

Collect the x-ray Image

Upload the image

Click Verify and get the result


Points to Consider for the accurate result

  • X-ray should be clean with no text or finger impression.
  • X-ray should be original in black and white color.
  • There should not be any marking on x-ray.
  • Chest x-ray should be the front view image.
  • The x-ray shouldn’t have light reflection if it’s taken from mobile phone/camera and also it should have proper front angle (perpendicular to x-ray film).
  • X-ray shouldn’t be tampered by any mean like folding or other damage.